Hydraulic Hose and Accessories

When you Need It


The moment you need a hydraulic hose is not dependent on when business is open.  We believe down time is costly.  So that's why we are availblbe 24/7 for emergency calls.

Big or Little


The Manuli hydraulic hose range is dedicated to hydraulic systems and equipment in a multitude of industry sectors, including construction, mining, agriculture, drilling and forestry to name just a few. 

The Right Connection

Hydraulic Fitting

Manuli Hydraulics is globally respected for the breadth and versatility of our hydraulic fittings range. Comprising over 6,000 individual references, we have fittings to suit most of the common international standards.


Hydraulic Oil

While hoses are a must, having the right oil is critical for your machine.  We stock ISO 32 and ISO 46 for your needs!

Connect Well

Quick Coupling

Prevent Oil Loss, speed up changeovers and have a reliable connection for your equipment.  Checkout QSafe and see what solustions are available.



Do you have a drilling application?  From Rotary Hoses to BOP Hose and couplings, we have a solution for you.  Contact us today for more information.